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A web page for the family Vennard...
for any and all who are related to James and Thomas Vennard and the
16 families of the County Armagh, and surrounding areas of Northern Ireland, Scotland and England
and for all those Vennards, Venards, Venerts, Vinyards,Vinnards,
and other name derivation's who are really us...
but yet to be linked.

Si vous êtes d'une famille surnomée Vennard,Veinard,Vénard ou Venart
originée en France, s.v.p. contactez-nous avec votre histoire familiale.
Nous nous interessons especialement s'il y avait des ancestres qui sont
emigrés de la France vers Irlande ou l'Angleterre.

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Research and text of families by Sue Turner.

Created by Mike Vennard, managed by John Vennard
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