Virginia, U.S.A #17

The Records of this extensive Venard/ Vineyard/Vennard family start with a Francis Vineyard of Virginia ( Circa 1750). All six of his sons ( Venard ) fought in the Revolutionary War. In 1794 the family enbarked on a flatboat down the Monongahela and Ohio rivers. Eventually the sons settled in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Future generations settled in the Mid West, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma.

Francis was probably ( not proven) the son of John Vineyard,who came to Orange County ,Virginia around 1734, perhaps from England. ( Helen Sparks Quinn) Francis died at the age of 103.

Stephen Venard ( 1824 ), of this family, gained fame when he single-handedly killed three robbers of a Wells Fargo Express stage coach. C 1850. His rifle can be seen in the Wells Fargo museum. San Francisco.

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Family research was done by Haskell Venard of Atlanta, Georgia, Raymond LeRoy Vennard, Vermillion, S.D. Mrs June Webb, Wichita, Kansas, Mrs Kathryn White, Blue Springs, MO and many others. I am indebted to Mrs Phyllis Halter ( for the most recent information on this family. (J.V)

The same Francis Venard/Vineyard also appears on a Vineyard family tree which has significant differences from Family Chart #17. Perhaps a researcher can reconcile the two charts ? see below.

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