In honor of all the folks who came before, and will subsequently go, to war. I dedicate this page. We all do our part, some more than others but it is nice to know that the Vennards have not shirked the commitments put before them. I have tried to list by war, the participants. If I have missed someone my apologies and please let me know so I can add them to the roster.

I thank the following, one and all....

US Revolutionary War

Participant in raid on Fort William and Mary..... The following is the list of individuals, both patriot and loyalist, noted in the depositions (sworn affidavits) of participants at Fort William and Mary on December 14/15 1774

Vennard (Capt.) Enters fort Dec. 14, B. Rowell Deposition. I

US Civil War


Soldier Name- Side Function- Regiment Name
Vennard, John W.-Union Artillery 2nd Regiment, Ohio Heavy Artillery
Vennard, William F.- Union Infantry 23rd Regiment, Indiana Infantry

J. L. Vennard VENNARD, North Atlantic Squadron COLORADO, (1st rate.) Acting Ensigns, Actg Master's Mate: 1 Jan 1863

John L. Vennard, Acting Ensign. Died October 1, 1913, aged 75. Buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, N.H.
John N. Vennard served aboard the USS Ohio during the war. He died on September 16, 1889, aged 84, and is buried at Riverside Cemetery, New Castle, Portsmouth, N.H. [2]

Venard, Thomas, Private, Company "C", 69 Illinois Infantry, Discharged 27 Sept. 1862

Venard, James, Private. Company "C", 95 Illinois Infantry, Died battle of Natchez, Aug 21, 1863


Vennard, George H., Sergt. Major - COMPANY K. Opelousas Volunteers (St. Landry Parish) 18th Louisiana Infantry

World War One

Edward Vennard who died in WWI in France.

Thomas R. Vennard, C.S.M., Irish Fusiliers, DCM 1

To the Glorious Memory of the Men of Portadown and its neighbourhood who died that we might live. "At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them" Church Street
Private John Vennard.....Royal Irish Fusiliers

Alexander V Vennard, ANZAC- served in Gallipoli and North Africa

Robert (Bob) Woodney Sailor in the Royal Navy, age 17. He served on the H.M.S. Natal during WWI and was killed when his ship was blown up in the North Sea in 1914. He was the son of Elizabeth (Vennard) Woodney.

Samuel Vennard Jr., US Navy.

Joseph Vennard, Royal Irish Fusiliers died in battle1918

World War Two

SSG Thomas E. Vennard - Silver Star

VENNARD Battalion Sergeant Major Clarence H.WW 2 Saskatchewan
VENNARD Private Ernest L. WW 2 Canadian Forces. Calgary, Alberta
VENNARD Sapper Harold J. WW 2 Saskatchewan

James A. Vennard, ANZAC, 2nd/13th Battalion, Tobruk, N. Africa; "The Desert Rats"

Wilson C. Vennard, Submarine service USA, USS Sterlet and USS Cutlass

Vennard, Russell W. S1 USNR , Veterans' Graves Union County, Beresford, South Dakota World War II

James Vennard, North Irish Horse, Sahara N Africa, Italy

Bothwell Vennard, Royal Artillery

PFC- Q.M.C. Charles Vennard, killed in the Invasion of Salerno. Born Feb. 1st- 1912, Killed in action Nov. 9, 1943.

Korean War

Tommy Vennard, no other information

Vietnam War

VENNARD, JOHN JOSEPH CPL MARINES ALBANY 30-Nov-33 17-Apr-68, Killed Vietnam

SSG Thomas Vennard Sgt/Recondo Team Leader, RECON/LRRP 3rd Bn/506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division

Dave Vennard served on the USS Skill, MSO 471, as Ops Officer from 1967-1969.

Mike Vennard, 1Lt., 3MMS, SAC, USAF 1966-1970

Irish Republic War

Ivan Vennard, 3 Oct 73, age 32, Shot and killed by the IRA, while on Postal Rounds in Kilnilkie, Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland.

Desert Storm, Kuwait

Vennard, Les PFC, Survey HMMWV Driver (HB-30)

General Service (I appologize to these individuals as I have no idea where they should be placed)

Doris Vennard. Canadian Woman's Army Corp., Ontario Canada.

SN THOMAS J. VENNARD (46-47), Served aboard the USS Kennith D Bailey, DD/DDR-713 (destroyer) - (Michigan)

Vennard, James, SSBN 658 Crew List (submarine) STS1(SS), Clayton, DE

Jimmy Vennard from Illinois in the Navy for 20 years