The origin of the tartan is lost somewhere in the blackness of earliest of times. Someone living in the 1400's or 1500's noticed and wrote down about groups of folks who were wearing similar if not identical patterned clothing. As to who was first, the Scotts or the Irish, is soon to become a bone of contention, if not already, for reports of this tradition stem from both sides of the North Channel and Irish Sea.

It may be noted however that the original wearing was localized to an area, probably initiated by a dispersion of a particular family. The tradition became first county wide and then resettled into particular family designs. In Ireland the county affiliation seems to have held to tradition, more than in Scotland.

To promote this tradition, I have made a page with the Armagh tartan as background. Even if the Vennards were just passers by in Armagh Co. and spent a mere 200-300-400 years moving through, then I think we can take up some of the traditions as our own, given our history with the area, and be allowed to wear the Armagh tartan proudly.