Here are some of the pictures of Vennards from around the world...

For additional photos of family members: Family #11 , Australia and Family #12, from Mike Bostwick-#12 also,
from Eleanor Strain-Family #4B, from Keith Vennard - Family #8,from Stephen Cranston - Family 4A.

A page of pictures from around the Armagh-Portadown areas.

This would be me. If I can't put my picture here then why should I expect you to. So, now that I have, where is yours? After all we're all family, family #11
Edward and Mary Spencer from Alaska.Mary is the daughter of Alice Vennard. James division, family #11.
Here is Dr. Susan Turner, lecturer at Queen's University Belfast, N. Ireland. Cousin from the Thomas line, family #1.
The Stuart Vennard family from the UK. Stuart is a cousin, also from the Thomas side, family #4b.
Cheryl from Australia, Family #12, see more from down under HERE
Stephen Cranston of family #4A out of Portadown, Ireland.
I just had to put a picture of Eleanor Strain here too. She is a true cousin of Stuart (above), an unknown connection until Stuart contacted us and we looked in the records.
From family #8 we have Wilson in the middle, Keith to his left and grand son Michael to the right. And I used to think that I was the only Michael V on the planet. Welcome to you all. For more pictures of family 8 click the link at the top of the page.
A painting of a church in Ireland, supposed to have connections to the Vennards. Sent by Alex Gilmore of Australia. If anyone knows of copywrite violations on this please let me know so that I might contact the appropriate people, or remove the image.
This is Francisca Vennard from South Africa, a photographer, jouranlist and professor at Rhodes University.
Justine Vennard. I got this picture off the web that her other grandmother put up. She's my first Grandaughter.-Mike V