As I, Mike Vennard, get to put together these pages, I get to do what I want, but I don't want to upset anyone though, so, if you have a point you would like to take exception with please contact me and if you can reason with me, it will get changed. This project is mostly for my entertainment, but I do hope you too will get some enjoyment out of it. I do not want to embarrass anyone, portray anyone in a bad light, slander or libel anyone. I humbly apologize for omission's, incorrectness, inappropriateness and other errors on my part. (By the by, I am afflicted with a mild form of dyslexia and blame that for all the misspelling and malapropisms' with in.)

At this point I am going to list family connections to the actual living people who I know about. There are hundreds of names in the data base of folks who are living and to do all the pages up initially would take far to long. So as folks make themselves known I will add pages with links to them.


I know there are some formatting problems. I hope to clear them up and introduce a consistency into the pages. This may take some time....

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