This page will have an ever growing list of links that folks can go to for research or just browsing. So far we have suggestions from Jim Vennard, Alex Gillmore and a couple of others. I have not necessarily visited any or all, so venture forth at your own risk. I would hope you will let me know when one is no longer viable so that it may be removed. The links are listed in no apparent order.--Mike

(By the by there are also links with direct reference to Vennard entries on the web, contained in the Reference page.) --This one was to long and didn't go anywhere as origionally listed, I shortened it. --Canadian archives from Jim Vennard gallery.htm --You may have to take the gallery.htm off for it to work, but the first part will get the main web site. --On Australian Alexander "Boyang" Vennard, writer. --Irish war graves site