Thomas Vennard-Mary
James, Alexander, Sarah, Edward, Mary Jane

NAMES(S): Thomas Vennard & Mary
BIRTH YEAR: c. 1810
LOCATION(S): Tartaraghan, Tandragee Co. Armagh
Steven Cranston, Portadown, Co. Armagh
Robin Jelly, Belfast
William D. Vennard, Blackburn, England
Teddy Coombs, Australia

The earliest documented evidence for this branch of Vennards is the marriage
certificate of James Venard (a weaver) to Sarah Boyce at Milltown Church,
Tartaraghan, Co. Armagh in 1849. James was a Widower, and his father was a
Thomas Venard (a weaver). No further details of Thomas are known, but he
could be the brother of William (see below). This William may also be the
same individual forming the basis of #4b. Thomas was apparently the father
of at least five children who married at Milltown Church ñ the
above-mentioned James, Alexander, Sarah, Edward and Mary Jane.

James (b 1828) and Sarah Boyce. After their wedding in 1849 there are no
further birth or death documents in Ireland. It is possible that they left

Alexander (b 1829) was also a widower then he married Ann Cranston in 1853.
Alexander was a weaver and they had 5 children ñ James, 1854; Joseph, 1856;
Mary, 1865 [died 1875]; and Alexander, 1866. Ann died in 1871 (aged 38
years) and Alexander in 1899 (aged 70 years).

Sarah (b. c 1831) married Robert Richardson in 1851.

Edward (b 1834) married Martha Williamson in 1851. Edward (a weaver)
settled in Tandragee and had 5 children ñ
1. William John, 1852 [married Matilda Gibson in 1874, had nine children ñ
i) Martha (1875, married John Armstrong), ii)Matilda (1878, married Walter
Graham), iii)James (1880, died 3 weeks), iv)Edward (1881, married Rachel
Hunniford), v)James (1884), vi)William John (1887), vii)Mary Jane (1890);
viii)Jane (1893) and ix) Stewart David (1895)] The descendant of Edward and
Rachel Hunniford (Stevie Cranston) is researching this branch of the family.
2. James 1853 [married Mary Matchett, had eight children ñ i).Marjory (1874,
married Joseph McGrath); ii) Martha (1876, married William Robinson); iii)
Edward (1879, married Annie Jelly and had 7 children ñ Mary (died 8 months),
James Henry, Essie, William Matchett, Annie, Edward and Mary. Edward joined
the army during the 1st World War, and was killed in action in 1917. After
his death Annie emigrated to Australia. One of these descendants is Teddy
Coombs who is researching this branch of the family, iv)Abram (1881, married
Elizabeth Moffatt and had 6 children ñ Joseph, Lizzie & Abraham [twins]
(both died 1 day), Abraham (died 9 weeks), Mary Jane and Edward. v) William
John (1883, married Agnes Keenan and had 3 children ñ Martha, Alexander and
Mary Elizabeth. The son of Alexander (Brian Vennard) is researching this
branch of the family, vi) Thomas (1886, married Mary Bell and had at least 3
children ñ James, Thomas and William John., vii) James who married Ellen
Magill and had nine children in Tangragee viii) Mary Jane (1892, married John Ferguson).
3. Edward 1856 [married Rachel McCullough, had four children ñ i) Eliza
(1882); ii) Mary Jane (1885, married Thomas McCoo); iii) Thomas (1887, died
1 day); iv) Rachel (1888, married William Watson). Rachel (neÈ McCullough)
died in May 1890, and Edward re-married to a Jane Campbell in October 1890.
He had 6 more children with Jane ñ v) Ann (1891); vi) Matthew (1892); vii)
Ruth (1894, married William McKeown); viii) Martha (1895, married Adam
Huchinson, ix) Edith (1895, married John Campbell), x) Florence (1898,
married William Baxter)
4. Thomas 1866 [unmarried, with one daughter who was brought up by his
mother, Martha].
5. Mary Jane 1868 [married Jacob McAteer in 1901].
Edward died in 1891 (aged 57), and Martha in 1912 (aged 56).

Mary Jane (b. c. 1844) married William Watson in 1864.

William Venard was a widower when be married Elizabeth (Eliza) Browne in
1855 at Milltown Church. Both their ages were unknown, but it is possible
that William was a brother to Thomas above (both were also weavers). If so,
their father was called George Venard (again a weaver). William and Eliza
had one child ñ Jane, in 1859.

Added information from family members: