NAMES(S): George Vennard & Ann Hunter
BIRTH YEAR: c. 1810
OCCUPATION: Weaver / Farmer
LOCATION(S): Cloncore, Tartaraghan, Co. Armagh
Sammy Vennard, Portadown, Co. Armagh
Jennifer Harrison, Portadown, Co. Armagh
Alex Gilmore, Australia

The first documentary evidence of this branch of Irish Vennards is the
marriage certificate of a George Vennert to Ann Hunter in 1833 at the parish
church of Tartaraghan, Co. Down. One can assume therefore that George was
born c. 1810. Throughout his life George was a weaver and farmer, living in
the townland of Cloncore, Tartaraghan. George and Ann had seven children in
Cloncore (John, 1834; Margaret, 1836; Elizabeth Ann, 183?); Mary Jane, 1841;
Thomas, 1844; Sarah, 1847 and Theresa, c. 1850).

John married Mary Jane Harrison in 1857 in Cloncore. He was a Farmer and
died in 1892 (aged 57) by drowning in a drain on his farm. His wife, Mary
Jane, died in 1908. They had 10 children ñ George, 1857 [married Mary Ann
Stevenson]; William James, 1959 [died unmarried 1886]; Sarah Matilda, 1861;
Margaret Jane, 1863 [married George Roundtree]; Anne Maria, 1865; Samuel
John, 1867; Thomas Henry, 1869 [married Elizabeth Brannon]; Mary Elizabeth,
1872; Hannah, 1874; Moses, 1875 [married Sarah Ann Martin].
The sub-branch of Thomas Henry and Elizabeth Brannon stayed in Cloncore and
have been traced down to their present-day descendants. Thomas and
Elizabeth had 8 children ñ Martha Jane, 1897 [married Samuel Taylor];
William John, 1898 [married and settled in Newtownstewart]; Elizabeth Maria,
1900 [married Thomas Scott ñ no children]; Mary Ada, 1901 [married George
Armstrong]; Thomas George, 1902 [married Margaret Trainor]; Sarah Anne,
1904; Edna Maud, 1906 [unmarried], Moses Henry,1908, emigrated to USA].
This sub-branch is being researched by Jennifer Vennard (daughter to Thomas
Vennard and Margaret Trainor) who still lives on the original family farm.
The sub-branch of Moses Vennard and Sarah Ann Martin also stayed in Cloncore
and had John George, 1908 [married Ruby and had three children ñ George,
Avril & Samuel. This Sammy is currently tracing this sub-branch] and Anna
Jane, 1911 [married Thomas Rainey and had four children].

Margaret married George Maguire in 1857 in Cloncore. Nothing further is
known about her.

Elizabeth married Joshua Symington in 1859 in Cloncore. Again nothing
further is known about them.

Mary Jane married James Williamson in 1863 in Cloncore. Nothing further has
been traced about them. (See the letter below*, Oct 2003)

Thomas married Ellen Medcalf in 1866 in Cloncore. Thomas was originally a
labourer, but after marriage became a weaver. He and Ellen had seven
children ñ 1. John George, 1867 [married Esther Maguire, whose children were
Ann, 1896; Mary, 1899; Margaret, 1900; Esther, 1903; John; 1905; Rachel,
1908; Thomas Miller, 1910, Ethel, 1913; settled in Clonmacate, Tartaraghan];
2. Mary Jane, 1869 [married Dawson McAdam]; 3. William James, 1871 [died at
6 weeks]; 4.Margaret, 1873; 5.Sarah Ann, 1875 [married Wilson McAdam];
6.Rachel, 1880 [married George Hawthorne]; and 7. Thomas William, 1882.

Sarah married James Cadell in 1871 in Cloncore. Nothing further is known
about her.

Theresa married John Vennart in 1870 in Cloncore. Nothing is known about
the relationship between Theresa and John before marriage, but it is assumed
that they were possibly first cousins. John was a labourer from Ballinarry,
and his father was called Joseph. John and Theresa had nine children,
firstly in Cloncore, then Derrylard, and finally they settled in Portadown
town. Their children were Mary Ann, 1871; William David, 1872 [married
Alice Clulow]; Margaret Jane, 1875 [died, aged 17, in 1893]; Sarah, 1878
[died, aged 17, in 1895]; John, c.1880, [married Sarah Forker]; Thomas
Henry, 1884 [died at 4 months]; Thomas, 1886 [married Elizabeth Hoole];
Elizabeth, 1889 [died, aged 25, in 1914]; James Redmond, 1893. John died in
1912 (aged 55 years) no record of death for Theresa has been identified.

Added information from family members:

From Fr. Dominic Monti and Jackie Gasdsen