Thomas Vennard-Ann Wright
Joseph, Thomas Wright, Edward

NAMES(S): Thomas Vennard & Ann Wright
BIRTH YEAR: c. 1800
LOCATION(S): Cloncore, Tartaraghan / Armagh / Glasgow, Scotland /
Canada / USA
Mike Bostwick, Canada
Margie Young, Texas, USA
Katherine Cawthron ( Vennard), USA
Tom Vennard, Isle of Man, UK

Photos from Mike Bostwick, Photos from Cheryl Vennard- Australia,

Thomas Vennard (a weaver) married Ann Wright in about 1820 and settled at
Cloncore, Tartaraghan. They had three known children that reached
adulthood ñ Joseph, Thomas Wright, and Edward.
Joseph (1824), married Mary Ann Watson (1828) in the town of Lurgan, Co.
Armagh in 1846. Both were weavers from Tartaraghan. They settled in
Derrycaw and had at least one child, Margaret (1851). No further details
Thomas Wright (1827) married Mary Ann Taggart (1824) at Tartaraghan Parish
Church in 1846. They had five children ñ Rachel, Thomas, Anne, Joseph &
1. Rachel (b.1846). No further details [possible that she may be the
child of another Thomas and Mary Ann Vennard of Tartaraghan]
2. Thomas (b.1853) married Jane Bryson Burbridge (b.1862) in 1883 in
Glasgow, Scotland. Thomas was a Tea Merchant at the time and they had six
children ñ i) Thomas Wright (1884, married Jessie in Glasgow, no children);
ii) Jane Hutchinson (1886, married Andrew Greig in Glasgow, four children ñ
Henry, Tommy, Andrew, Jean); iii) Mary Ann (1888, married Michael Joseph
Bostwick and emigrated to Canada ñ one son Norman Vennard Bostwick). Norman
ís son, Michael Bostwick is researching this branch of the family. vi)Ellen (1891, died 1892); v) Francis (1891, married Betty in Glasgow ñ one son
Thomas who apparently researched his Vennard ancestors back to France [all
documents and contacts now lost! See below]. One son David (c.1950) last
heard of living in Bolton, Lancashire, England.); vi) John (1894, married
Helen Scholler in Glasgow, three children Mary, Thomas & Helen. Thomas
(living on the Isle of Man, UK) has compiled much of the information on this
branch of the family. In later life Thomas ran a restaurant in Springburn,
Glasgow. He died in 1935, and his wife Jane in 1919.
3. Annie (b.1855) married George Wright (1854) in 1875 at Cathcart,
Renfrew, Scotland. George was a Carter and they had three children ñ i)
George (unmarried), ii) Annie (unmarried), iii) Gavin (married, one son ñ
Vennard Wright)
4. Joseph (b.1856). No further details. (After some observation and research luck I believe that this is the father of Alexander Vinex Vennard of Australia. the Birthdate and location are right...check photos.)
5. Francis (b.1864) emigrated to the USA. Married Isabella Lochhead in
Manchester, NH and had four children ñ i) Thomas (married Clara Bjorkman,
one child); ii) Frank Taggart (1895, married Theresa Bell, six children.
Their daughter (Katherine Isabelle Cawthron) and her daughter (Margie Young)
are reseaching this branch of the family. iii) Catherine (married Richard
Sykes, six children); iv) Mary Isabella (married Henry George Bell).
Sometime between 1846 and 1853 Thomas trained as a Missionary and settled in
Scotland. His occupation changed from Missionary (1881), Baker (1891), Cab
Hirers clerk (1901). He and Mary Ann settled in Cathcart, Glasgow. Thomas
died in 1901; Mary Ann succeeded him.
Edward (1829). No further details

N.B. The stated origin of this branch (researched by Francis and Bettyís
son, Thomas) is of a Weaver in France during the French Revolution who
escaped to Kent, England, and then settled in Ireland.

Added information from family members:

From Penny in New Zealand