James Vennard-Margarete Rightmyre
Robert Vennard-Jane White
Elizabeth, John, William Rightmyre, Mary Ann, Robert, Joshua, James, Jane,
Thomas, Henry, George, Matthew, Joseph Henry, Benjamin, Sarah


NAMES(S): James Vennard & Margaret Rightmyre
BIRTH YEAR: c. 1770
LOCATION(S): Grange Blundel, Co. Armagh / Canada / USA

Bunny Smith, Canada
Linda Richardson, Canada
Evelyn Vennard, Canada
Ken Carson, Canada
Linda Vennard, Canada
Jim Vennard, Canada
Mike Vennard, USA

This is by far the largest family researched, as far as identified individuals are concerned, with all known descendants based in North America.

It is stated that James Vennard married Margaret Rightmyre and had at least one son, Robert, born in 1805. All documentary evidence of this family are within the Townland of Grange Blundel, Co. Armagh so it is assumed that James and Margaret were from this area and that James was probably born c. 1770.

There are also parish records of the marriage of a James Vennard to Jane Willis in 1796, but the connection of the two Jamesí is unknown.Robert married Jane White in 1830. There were several other marriages of Whites at Grange Blundell and it is assumed that this where they married, and where Janeís family were from. Robert and Jane had 15 children, three at Grange Blundel and twelve in Canada, where the entire family settled, originally in New Brunswick and then (in about 1847) in Ontario.

1. Elizabeth (1832-1897) married Matthew Dobson, 16 children. Contacts within this branch, Linda Richardson & Ken Carson.
2. John (1834-1905) married Susan Carson, 7 children. John moved to the USA about 1892. Contact within this branch, Mike Vennard (founder of this web site).
3. William (1834-1930) married Elizabeth Sanderson, 5 children.
4. Mary Ann (1838 - ) married Elm Elms , 6 children.
5. Robert (1842-1902) married Mary Jane Carson, 10 children. Contacts within this branch, Evelyn Vennard & Linda Vennard.
6. Joshua (1843-1933) married Mary Ann Walker, 4 children.
7. James (1845-1936) married Mary Jane Parks.
8. Henry (1847-1914) married Catherine Ann McDonald, 8 children
9. Jane (1849-1922) married James Bell, 9 children.
10. Matthew (1854-1920) married Elizabeth Graham, 10 children
11. Thomas (1850-1919) married Mary Rachel Scott, 6 children
12. George (1856-1935) married Mehamah Woodstock, 2 children.
Contacts within this branch, Bunny Smith [who compiled information on the majority of this family] & Betty Bechtel.
13. Benjamin (1859-1931) married Margaret McKenzie. Contact
within this branch Jim Vennard.
14. Joseph (1855-1940) married Anne Jane Graham, 6 children.
15. Sarah (1862-1943) married John Caldwell, 6 children.

More recent information on the above would be impossible to accommodate within this summary due to the number of individuals involved. More specific details are available from the contacts above.

Added information from family members:

Robert Vennard and his wife Jane White with their children Elizabeth and twins William and John came to New Brunswick, Canada along with Jane's parents and siblings between 1836 and 1841.  Their next child Mary Ann was born in St. John's, NB in 1841 and so were sons Robert (1842) and Joshua (1843).  The family moved to Arthur Township, Wellington County Ontario between 1843 and 1851.  Son James was born in Arthur, Wellington Co. Ontario in 1851.  Further children  Jane, Thomas, Henry, Matthew, George, were also born in Arthur Township, Wellington County, Ont.  The family moved to Holland Township, Grey County about 1860 where Joseph (?), Benjamin, Solomon and Sarah (?) were born.  Between 1871 and 1881 the family moved to Bruce Township, Bruce County Ontario. where the parents lived until they died.

"The children of Robert and Jane (White) Vennard dispersed as follows:

Elizabeth - Ontario
John - Iowa, So. Dakota
William - Alberta
Mary Ann - Michigan
Robert - Saskatchewan
Joshua - Ontario
James - Iowa
Jane - Michigan, Ontario
Thomas - Michigan
Henry - Saskatchewan
Joseph - Ontario
George - Ontario
Matthew - Manitoba
Benjamin - Saskatchewan
Sarah - Ontario
Solomon - died young


We believe the following families were connected somehow and moved
from Ireland to Canada and within Canada together

and perhaps Bell"

Jim Vennard who is a decendent of Benjamin seems to be in agreement, for
the most part, about the dispersion of the family. He is looking into his
records to verify..Bunny.


Robert marries a Jane White and, I suppose, live in Armagh. Their first daughter is Elizabeth, born 1832. Then they move to Blundel Grange down the road and there, have two more children, John '34 and William Rightmyre '36. Somewhere between child number 3 and number 4 they leave Ireland and sail for the new world. 1836-1838. Although I don't have a specific location yet, guesses are good that they landed in New Brunswick. There in New Brunswick Mary Ann is born in 1838, Robert in '42 and Joshua in '43. It seems the family, after being in New Brunswick for about 5 years, then moved a bit west into Ontario. Grey County. 1843-1845. Here they stayed for a significant period of time. All the subsequent children were born in Arthur, Wellington, Grey County: James '45, Henry '47, Jane '49, Thomas '50, Matthew '54, Joseph Henry '55, George '56, Benjamin '59 and Sarah '62, except for Joseph Henry and Benjamin who are recorded in Holland Center. In total there were 14 children. So far we have lines to living relatives from four of the brothers. George, John, Matthew, and Benjamin.

It appears that George stayed in Ontario. Benjamin went west to Manitoba. John, my great-grandfather marries a Susan Carson in 1861 up in Ontario and the next year William Nassau '62 was born. In here somewhere the John Vennard family decide to head south. Ends up in Dakota territory. Near Vermilion? In total John and Susan have 7 children. (I might suppose here, as my great grandfather moved south into the Dakota Territories some of the other brothers and sisters could have moved down into the Midwest or the new England portion of the United States. Creating the eastern or Midwestern pockets of Vennards.)...Mike