NAMES(S): John Vennert & Olivia
OCCUPATION: Labourer / Weaver
LOCATION(S): Derrycaw, Tartaraghan / USA
Keith Vennard, New York State, USA
Giles Wilson, Southampton, England
Harry Joseph Vennard, Massachusetts, USA

Photos from Keith Wilson

SUMMARY: John (1809) and Olivia (1814) Vennert form the basis of this branch.  John was a Labourer and Weaver and it is assumed that they married during the 1840’s in the Tartaraghan area.  They had at least 5 children, William, Anne, George, Thomas and John.
1. William (1844, Derrycaw) married Mary Totten in the 1870’s and they had a son William in 1873.
2. Anne (1848 at Derrycaw).  No further details known.
3. George (c. 1849, Derrycaw) married Elizabeth Adams at Drumcree in 1879. He was a weaver and farmer, and they had seven children at Derrycaw – i) John George (1880); ii) Thomas William (1882, emigrated to USA, died 1975 at Conneticut, married his cousin Margaret Vennard, third child of Thomas b 1850, see below*); iii) James (1883, emigrated to USA, died 1979, Hampden, MA); iv) Joseph (1885, emigrated to USA, several children, descendants in Massachusetts); v) Robert (1886, no further details); vi) David (1889, died at 5 months); vii) Alexander (1890, died at 8 months).  Elizabeth died in 1891, aged 40.
4. Thomas (1850) married Mary Ann Rainey at Milltown, Tartaraghan in 1872 and they had seven children.
i) Thomas (1873) was born when his father Thomas was in America.  It is not known why he went there or when he returned, but their second child,
ii) William, was born in 1877 at Derryadd, Tartaraghan, Co. Armagh. William married Mary Jane Henderson at Milltown in 1899. His occupation varied throughout his career from a labourer, coachman, railway worker to Councillor.  Whilst he worked on the railways he and Mary Jane had ten children – i) Viola (1900, married Thomas Gordon in 1920 and married for a second time to MichaelMacken); ii) Margaret Hilda (1902, married William Mulholland, died 1983); iii) Rachel (1906, emigrated to Canada in 1928 where she married Louis Mayer); iv) Thomas (1908, settled in Portadown, died 1982); v) Henderson (1910, settled in England, died 1960); vi) Mary Stella (1912, married and settled in Pool, Dorset, England); vii) Doris (1915, married Daniel Elliott in 1941 and had 3 children – Daniel, Brenda & Elizabeth.  The son on Elizabeth (Giles Wilson) is researching this branch of the family. viii)William (1917, died 1932), ix) Hazel (1918, married twice, second husband called ?? Johnson); x) Lavinia (married Joseph Graham).  Thomas left the Railways and moved to Dublin, where he re-married to Molly Cleary and settled in England.  He died in 1930.
iii) Margaret (1879, *travelled several times to the USA between 1877-1923, married her cousin Thomas William Vennard, see above).
iv) James (1883, married Elizabeth, died 1956);
v) Lavinia (1884, married James McClelland at Milltown in 1908);
vi) John (1889, emigrated to USA in 1911, lived in Detroit and then settled in Manchester CT);
vii) Wilson (1892, emigrated to USA in 1911, married Florence Strickland in 1920, settled in West Seneca, NY, died in 1976.( His grandson Keith Wilson Vennard is researching this branch of the family.) Thomas died in 1928 and Mary Ann in 1912, both at Derryadd, Tartaraghan and are buried at Milltown Parish Church cemetery.
5. John (1852 at Derrycaw).  No further details known.


Added information from family members: