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These are indexes compiled by Dr Sue Turner from freely available public information of the Irish Index of Civil Registration of the Births Marriages and Deaths from 1845. This is an index only, one has to apply for a copy of the actual certificate.

"The Irish Indices consists of civil registrations of Births (from 1864),
marriages (from 1845) and deaths (from 1864) for the surname of Vennard and
their main spelling derivatives. This was compiled from records held at the
Family History Centres of the LDS Church. The final 3 columns were added
once copies of full certificates were obtained. All 3 lists provide details
of the Townland (equivalent these days to ZIP or Post Codes); parents names
(Birth), spouse name (Marriage), and closest known relative (Death); and
designated family tree (#1-13) if known. Smaller family units are linked by
the mother’s maiden name. About 25% of the individuals are still ‘floaters’
with no designated family. Any further information, or linkages, for these
people would be most welcome.
Certificates can be obtained up to 1921 from The Registrar General, Joyce
House, 8-11 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2, Republic of Irealand quoting the
reference details provided in the Indices. Further details can be found on
their website ("

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England & Wales Index Marriages 1951- ....... England & Wales Index Deaths 1837 ........England & Wales Index Deaths 1951

These are indexes compiled by Dr Sue Turner from freely available public information of the England and Wales Index of Births, Marriages and Deaths from 1837. These are indexes only, one has to apply for an copy of the actual certificate.

The Birth, Marriage and Death Index can be accessed at This is a freely available site of the civil
registration of birth, marriages and deaths from 1837 to 1915. This work is
on-going and will probably take a couple more years to complete. This Index
merely gives location details of the registration. Copies of certificates
can be ordered online from the UK General Registers Office at This is a chargeable service which varies
depending on the type of certificate required e.g. a full certificate with
location references supplied (as in Index) is £7.00 You are advised to
confirm reference details on this site before ordering. Further details can
be obtained from the site, including details of ordering by telephone or
This Index contains lists of Vennards (and main derivatives of the name)
currently available on-line. The rootsweb site is updated monthly. This
Vennard Index will be amended about every 6-months.

GB Vennard Index

This is a list compiled from IGI information on Church Records in Great Britain from 1580 to 1800 . The oldest grouping is from South West England and does not presently link to the Irish Vennard Families #1 to #11. ........John Vennard........ IGI excel file

All these Indexes are in PDF format. If you have trouble opening the Family charts get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader™ at