A Short list which will be added to as time goes by and I become aware of others...If anyone knows of a connection to a specific family, please let me know so it can be posted.

Vennard, Robert., English, b.?;d. 1610(?). Wrote two known poems. A very early mention of Vennard. There are copies of the poems on the PDF pages. Not much else is known. Interperative discussions reside on the web but require access via special library circumstance. I managed to view them before they were collected and closed, but do not remember much.

Vennard, William D., American voice teacher. b. Bloomington, Ill. Jan. 31, 1909; d. Los Angeles, Jan 10, 1971. He was a graduate of Northwestern Univ. and the American Conservitory of Music in Chicago. In 1946 he joined the faculty of the Univ. of Southern Calif. in Los Angeles. He was a prolific writer of articles for professional journals, including American Music Teacher, Journal of Speech and Hearing and Folia Phoniatrica. He published the manual Singing: The Mechanism and the Technique and Developing Voices; he also appeared as a singer at various functions in California. One of his students was Marilyn Horne, of opera fame.

Vennard, Wycliff B., American writer. b. !6 June 1900; d. Aug. 1973. Graduate of Tulane University. Worked in the Life Insurance field and was ranked 6 out of 3500 agents. Spent most of his life working at alerting the country to what he considered a great peril in national affairs and government creating economic jeopardy. Wrote many books including: Chronological History of Money Since Babylon, The Federal Reserve Hoax, Conquest or Consent.

Vennard, Alexander Vindix, Australian writer. b. 11 July 1884; d.16 Feb. 1947. Attended school in Brisbane, Queensland, Au. At an early age wandered about the South Pacific and started writing articles when his health began to fail in Borneo. Later served in W.W.I in Gallipoli and North Africa and subsequently wrote the book: The Fighting Cameliers. After the war he served as correspondent and newspaper man in and around northern Australia and became a prolific writer of articles. He wrote under the name of Frank Reid and Bill Boywang. His other books include:The Romance of the Great Barrier Reef, Toilers of the Reef, and a series of 9 Bush Recitations. (family #12)

Johnson, Pearl Vennard, American Missionary. b. 30 Oct.1888; d. 28 Sept.1975. She and her husband Hugh Johnson were missionaries to China and for 10 years in the Dominican Republic. After her tour she wrote a book, Our Neighbors the Dominicans, of her experiences while there. (family #11)

Vennard, Edwin, American Engineer. His career included being a Utilities Manager and as a result he wrote the book: Government in the Power Business.

Vennard, John K., American Engineer. Elementary Fluid Mechanics, Stanford University, University of California at Chico.

Vennard, Jane E., American psychotherapist, minister. Intercessory Prayer, Praying for Friends and Enemies, others.

Vennard, Christopher., English Scientist, Article in the Natures, Natures Pub. Group 2000, UK, Vol. 403, #6772, Pheromones-Exploitation of gut Bacteria in Locust.